Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Tag, You're It!
This is a fun way to get to know other bloggers better. Abbie, Chronicles of A Bionic Woman, tagged me and now it's my turn to tag others. So here are the RULES.

1) Each player must post the rules at the top.
2) Answer the questions in bold
3) Tag five people you would like to know better, go to their blogs, let them know they've been tagged and ask them to read your blog.

This just for fun, so don't feel like you MUST play. I won't be hurt if you're too busy. Here are my answers to the questions. . .

What I was doing ten years ago.
Let's see. . .
I was working in a library-- different from the branch I'm at now, volunteering with a PTA program called Classic Books in order to promote and motivate children to read classic children's literature, and leading a Girl Scout Troop of 16 girls.

Five Snacks I enjoy:
1) Peanut butter with M&M's stick in it on a spoon (yeah, yeah I know);
2) My husbands air-popped popcorn slathered in butter and salt, aptly named "Eric corn" by friends;
3) Doughnuts--all varieties except Maple Bars. I especially love custard filled, bear claws or cake type-- MUST, MUST, MUST be accompanied with coffee;
4) White store bought cake with white frosting and jelly middle --usually I buy at Safeway;
5) Lime and chili tortilla chips with homemade guacamole

Healthier Snacks: (I'm not sure if I had to answer this, but Abbie posted healthy options and I normally avoid the above because they're so deadly.
1) Smoked almonds;
2) Non-fat cream cheese mixed with kalamata olives served on low-fat triscuits or rye krisp;
3) Vegetables with low-fat spinach dip;
4) Non-fat or low-fat cottage cheese with canned peaches in unsweetened syrup
5) Apple slices with brie

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1) Quit my job;
2) Join the Peace Corps; (YES! You CAN at fifty or older!)
3) Travel extensively;
4) Finance back-to-college scholarships for the late-deafened;
5) Hire a personal trainer

Jobs I have had:
1) Fotomat Girl (If you are young you may not remember those little drive-thru photo processing booths they had in every store parking lot back in the 70s before digital cameras)
2) Expanded Dental Assistant
3) Dental Office Mgr.
4) Technical Services Analyst in a Dental insurance company
4) Plant waterer (Yeah--I was paid. I worked for a landscaping company. All I did was water planer boxes in business parks-- a pleasant summer job, but miserable in the winter.)

Three habits;
1) Jigsaw puzzles
2) Plants
3) Coffee

Five places I have lived:
Not including where I live now. . .
1) A small town in Washington east of Seattle
2) The same small town, different living arrangements
3) A small town north of Seattle
4) A hotel in Seattle
5) A suburb near Detroit, MI

Five people I would like to get to know better:
1) Waving With My Deaf Hands- Deb Ann
2) Speak Up Librarian -- Sarah
3) The Ambling Rambler- Robyn
4) Indiana Deaf Mother's Babblings- Karen
5) Deaf Mom - Karen


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!

I find you interesting that you would get to know about the bloggers who are the women!

Your choices on the bloggers are my greatest bloggers, especially, DeafMom and Indiana Deaf Mother's Babblings.

They are all great bloggers. What about Paotie? I know he's mischievous, he's very good at the satires but he's my favorite blogger, anyway. He is a wonderful writer.

White Ghost

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for tagging me! This is fun.

Deb Ann said...

you're tagged

I'm finished with my post and visit my blog :)

kw said...

Hi White Ghost! It was so hard to choose just five! There were many more I would have liked to tag. I hope others tag some of those I wanted to tag. I bet Indian Deaf Mom will tag Paotie.

Thanks for playing DebAnn and Sarah!